Sonic Adventure 2 - City Escape03:43

Sonic Adventure 2 - City Escape

Laggy, I know.


The game that had this stage.

City Escape is the first level, or zone, in Sonic Adventure 2. It starts off with our blue hedgehog skateboarding on a hill, collecting rings, and dodging cars. Soon enough, you get off of your board and basically teaches you how SA2 is played. Your first enemy will be there, a GUN Bot. There will also be a Light Dash path if you have the Flame Ring. At the end of the zone, you're chased by a GUN Truck. It's easy get hit if you're new to the game, but also easy enough since you're forced down onto another hill with cars. If you get to the Goal Ring with atleast 18,000 points, you will get an A rank.

Items and EnemiesEdit

The stage has 436 rings, but 424 in the remakes. There are five enemies in the stage, and six in the 5th mission, Hard Mode. You can also get the Magic Hands in the stage, but you need the Bounce Bracelet, and the Flame Ring. You can get the Bounce Bracelet in Pyramid Cave, and the Flame Ring in Crazy Gadget. There are also 3 checkpoints. One is at the start of the level, near the stair case. The second one is near a hill with cars, you get to it when you finish going through the hill. The last one is before you go through the stage, avoiding the GUN Truck.

Reception and RemakeEdit

City Escape is a incredibly popular stage, already being remade into Sonic Generations, a game where you can be Classic or Modern Sonic. The stage in this game is in the Dreamcast Era. It was most likely put onto the game because of the popularity by fans, being a very fast level and a very fun first stage/zone.

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