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Sonic Adventure 2 - Radical Highway


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Shadow the Hedgehog is one of Sonic's rivals, other then Knuckles the Echidna. He debuted in Sonic Adventure 2, a game rereleased twice. Shadow is incredibly popular to fans, and has many fangirls. He's only second to Sonic, though. Shadow also has his own game, called Shadow the Hedgehog, made for the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube. Sadly, it wasn't very appreciated by fans of original Sonic Games. Shadow is still a well known favorite of fans, and that is because of his dark personality.

Creation and ActionsEdit

Shadow first appeared in the 2001 Dreamcast game, Sonic Adventure 2, as the Ultimate Life Form. He was created 50 years ago, by Gerald Robotnik, a genius scientist, also known as Dr. Robotnik/Eggman's grandfather. Shadow had only one friend, and that is Maria Robotnik. Maria was basically like a sister to Shadow. Maria, however, was shot by GUN soldiers. Shadow then hears Maria's promise, which is to protect humans. Shadow, however, having a bit of amnesia (It got worse in Sonic Heroes) believed that it was to get revenge on humans. Later on in the story, Amy talks to Shadow in the Space Colony ARK, and reminds her of Maria, and finally gets his memory back. Later on in the story, Sonic and Shadow team up, to face the Biolizard, or Finalhazard as of now. Shadow, put the most energy into it, and soon sacrificed himself, and fulfilled Maria's wish.


Shadow has abilties, mostly using Chaos energy. He can use Chaos Control, which is teleportation, Chaos Spear, a beam/spike of energy, and Chaos Blast, somewhat like a nuclear attack. Two of those attacks debuted in his first appearance, but Chaos Blast appeared in his own game, only usable whenever he filled up the evil gauge. Shadow can also use his own shoes to his advantage, having them equal to Sonic's running speed. Like most hedgehogs in the Sonic universe, they can go into a Super Saiyan-like transformation with the Seven Chaos Emeralds. However, to transform into the transformation, Shadow (or anyone with the transformation) one must have 50 rings, and they will slowly deplete. As for most Sonic characters in the universe, Shadow's are one of the stronger moves, probably rivaling Silver's telekinesis, and Blaze's pyrokinesis.

Reception of the Dark HedgehogEdit

The black and red hedgehog is a incredibly popular character, having a very unique personality, dark and foggy, unlike other Sonic the Hedgehog characters. Shadow, however, still has lots of criticism for being an "emo", and for the use of firearms, unlike other characters. As for his bad criticism, he still has lots of good feedback, and will probably stay second to Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

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