Sonic Adventure

The Official Cover for the Dreamcast Title "Sonic Adventure".

Sonic Adventure (1998) is a Platform Video Game developed by Sonic Team and Published by Sega for the Sega Dreamcast. Over 2.5 Million Copies were sold Worldwide. Sonic Adventure has
Sonic Adventure - Dreamcast Sample02:52

Sonic Adventure - Dreamcast Sample

Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast!

became famous over the years and reviewed from people, such as IGN. Sonic Adventure is known as the First and Best 3D Sonic Game. (CODENAME: Sonic 3D Blast 2)


You Start up the game, and boom! Your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Game is on. You play as Sonic the Hedgehog in the beginning of the game, where you are relaxing in a city known as "Station Square". Cops chase downtown and something fancied Sonic to help. Sonic found a Mysteries Creature and went Face-to-Face Combat with him. Sonic later gets revealed he's by the name of Chaos. You can not only play as Sonic but you unlock 5 other Characters. Tails the Fox, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, NEW Big the Cat and NEW E-102 Gamma. Each character had different Gameplay. As Sonic, you Run around in a Stage and get to the Capsule and Save the Animals. As Tails, You race Sonic to an end of a stage to get a Chaos Emerald, and in his final level you race Eggman. As Knuckles, You will glide around, climb, dig and search for shattered pieces of the Master Emerald. As Amy, You run away from an Evil Robot of the name of Zero and hop to the balloon. As Big, you go fishing for his pet Froggy which was tricky for others but you have to check Big's Controls to catch Froggy easier. And as E-102 Gamma, you shoot objects to get time and try and catch Froggy, too. Sometimes, you have to fight the E-Series which are other E-102's. There is also 2 Modes; Trial and Adventure. Adventure is the story and you can go around Adventure Fields. Adventure Fields are a huge map where you can select Stages and Roam around to catch Emblems. In Adventure Fields, you can also go under the Three Chao Gardens, under the Three Adventure Fields. There are Three Adventure Fields. The First is the name of Station Square where it's a city with friendly people. The Second is the Mystic Ruins where you are in a forest and ruins, there is also Tails' Workshop. The Last is Egg Carrier which is Eggman's Ship. The Famous Chao Garden are fullfilled with creatures that Everyone loves. They look like a Hybrid of a Baby and a Flying Bug (like a ladybug/ant). They hatch from eggs you can find around Adventure Fields. You get 2 eggs. sometimes Three per Garden. By Downloading your Chao Garden to your Virtual Memory Unit in your Sega Dreamcast Controller, you can get Icons and play Minigames for more Options. May I forgot to Mention, after Completing Every Story, you unlock Super Sonic. You have to fight the Final Boss.


There are a few Plots in this game, which is also considered as other games sometimes. Sonic's plot is that he has to go after this Aqua Creature; Chaos. Tails plot is that he finds out that he always depends on Sonic all the time, he wants to do things by himself, and doesn't need Sonic's help. Knuckles plot is that he has to manage to find the pieces of the Master Emerald. Amy's Plot is that you have to escape on your own and conquer a bad guy. Big's plot is that he has to fish for a frog named Froggy. And E-102 Gamma's plot/purpose is to catch the frog before Big and eliminate the other E-Series. Chaos Learns how to Open His Heart and returns back in time to his homeland afterwards.


Sonic Adventure isn't only for the dreamcast. Oh, no no no. In the Future, it had many Remakes with better Graphics.

A Way Past Cool Gamecube Game!

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut for the Nintendo Gamecube.

It all started with the Gamecube and PC Version. (not steam, actual cd-rom 

Sonic Adventure DX - Emerald Coast Sample04:59

Sonic Adventure DX - Emerald Coast Sample

HUUUGEE Difference from the Dreamcast.

because steam wasn't out back then...) Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. This was a Famous Remake, and sold even MORE COPIES than the Dreamcast Version! It used Better Graphics, it added new modes! Such as the ability to play as Metal Sonic! But you needed every Emblem in the game to unlock him....There was also the Mission Mode where you can get more emblems and have even more fun! You figure out missions and what you're suppose to do and get a surprize! There was also the Sub Game mode which allowed you to play all the games you played earlier like "Sky Chase Act 1", "Sky Chase Act 2" (the sky chases are where you're sonic and tails shooting at objects), "Sand Hill", "Twinkle Cart" and such more. In Trial Mode, you can easily go to Stages you played Before and play 3 versions of the level, such as Collect that amount of rings, get to the capsule and reach the goal in time. If you failed, it would give you a popup that said "Mission *A B or C* Failed" and as Sonic, he would say "Shoot! Not my day..". There's also the Mini Game Room where you can play over 6 Sonic/Tails Game Gear/Master System Games! Such as Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic Spinball, Tails Adventure, Sonic Drift, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Chaos and More (or, i think that's the only ones...)! Would you rather buy this, or Sonic Mega Collection? Also, in the Chao Gardens, now instead of a VMU, You use a Nintendo Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Advance SP! Theres more minigames, easier to see *bigger screen than VMU..*, and FINALLY IN COLOR! It would also have a bit of change in each one, Over 10 new Chao Options, and the New Black Market! You can Buy Fruit, Buy Eggs, Buy Chao Clothing and More! I never mentioned the Chao Race, which was also Upgraded. More Modes, Multiplayer, More Chao, More Chao Race Stages, Brand new chao races such as Dark and Hero chao and MORE!! People, Really wanted, MORE! And SEGA/Sonic Team gave them it.. Everyone was happy when it was Launched in 2003..The sun was shining...The Game Stores were open, and a New Game was in stock for PC and Gamecube...Sonic Adventure..."Don't you already have that game, son?", said Dad. "IT'S UPGRADED! OVER 50 STUFF WERE ADDED! YEAH!", said Son. "Okay, Let's get it!", said Dad. That's how it felt.....SADX...Is known as the one of the best Sonic Games in History; and It's not an Opinion; It's a fact. It's got 9.9/10, 10/10, 8.9/10, 5.9/10. Great Reviews..People LOVED IT! To this day, they STILL remake Sonic Adventure. But NO, It didn't end here..They then Remade it for Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox 360 (stores) and PlayStation Network Shop. Sadly not for PlayStation 3 in Stores....It would add Leaderbords, your friends scores, and a Better HD. It was under the name "Sonic Adventure HD". But no, It still didn't end. In 2011, it was released for Steam known as "Sonic Adventure DX HD"! Sonic Adventure never ends to this day.


WARNING - This Development part will be an exact copy from wikipedia. Please be aware if you seen it on wikipedia.

Development of Sonic Adventure began around April 1997 with a development team of 30 members. After developing several titles for the Sega Genesis, producer Yuji Naka worked mainly on the game Nights into Dreams... for the Sega Saturn. However, learning of the Dreamcast brought him a renewed interest in creating Sonic games. The development team focused on graphics and high resolution for this game, with Naka reflecting that "we have pushed the Dreamcast as far as we can at present".

Director Takashi Iizuka, having developed Nights into Dreams..., proposed to Naka that they should develop a role-playing video game-styleSonic game. The development team wanted to make a realistic world in the game; however, they never saw environments like ruins or jungles. As a result, the core members of the Sonic Team went to Central America and South America. The team visited CancunGuatemalaand Peru, and used pictures taken from their journey as "textures in the games." For Tails' sandboarding, the development team used a group of people boarding on sand dunes in Ica, Peru as a reference.

Naka aimed to create levels that would take the player at least five minutes to complete, yet retain similar gameplay to the Mega Drive titles. Following the creation of the basic level maps, Naka wondered "why don't we use this map for other characters?" This led to the introduction of Big and E-102. The development team conducted surveys of fans to ensure that the final product, especially the characters, would please them. Sega made it a top priority to keep the game a secret until shortly before its release. Despite these efforts, screenshots were leaked onto the Internet in mid-1998. Naka presented the game to Edge in mid-August, and official announcement fell on August 22 in Japan.

The soundtrack was provided by Jun Senoue and it contains vocal performances from Tony Harnell, Karen Brake, Marlon Saunders, Dred Foxx, Ted Poley, Nikki Gregoroff and Johnny Gioeli, the latter of whom would later join Senoue to form the band Crush 40. The development team preferred the use of "hot, funky, and rock 'n' roll" music over the traditional techno-based music present in earlier Sonic games. The sound effects were created by Takashi Endo, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Yutaka Minobe and Masaru Setsumaru. The game was first unveiled at theTokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan in October 1998 to a positive response.

In February 1999, Sega's vice president Tadahiko Hirose announced that Sonic Adventure would be released along with Virtua Fighter 3tband Sega Rally 2 as launch titles for the Dreamcast's international release. In June 1999, Sega announced that Sonic Adventure would be one of the five titles in the Dreamcast's "Masterpiece Collection" The North American version of the game includes Japanese and English-language audio tracks, as well as Japanese, English, Spanish, French and German subtitles. Online gameplay and downloadable content were also added for the localization.

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